Hold Back the Stars: Zolie's Song


In October 2018 Zolie, a 17-year-old self-taught, singer-songwriter from Hong Kong emailed me to say she’d written a song for Max and Carys from my novel, Hold Back the Stars.

I was blown away. It’s so beautiful!

Zolie said in her email to me:

I was halfway through the book- I think it was around the time when Max and Carys had 52 minutes of oxygen supply left, and it struck me that I should write a song about this love story […] So I sat myself down and I started writing the song, and before I knew it, I was finishing it up without even reading till the ending. I figured that the ending could either be a happy or a tragic one, and I decided to take it to my own hands and wrote a song with a happy ending. I was really proud of how it turned out because I love how writing songs allows me to capture stories as such, and allows me to contribute my own ideas into it.

Zolie has been writing her own songs for 2 years. I can’t believe she’s only 17 - that voice! You can listen to the song above, and her lyrics are below.

I am frequently amazed by the teenage girls who email me about my books. They blow me away with their questions, creativity and talent. Here’s to every girl out there creating magic — I can’t wait for the world to hear you. ✨

Hold Back the Stars 

In the shadow of the moon lie the stars
The enchanting snow-white milky way 
But all l I see, in front of me
Is a distant fantasy 
that you and me, Max and Carys, could defy gravity 

You strolled into my daydream 
Told me that you’d break those rules for me 
Be my white knight and save me every time
If this is our last night before the end to us 
Please don’t let me go, please take me home 

For you I’d Hold Back the Stars 
Swear by the stardust in our hearts 
90 minutes will never be enough
so when the galaxy fades 
And constellations start to change 
you’ll rearrange, re-navigate the way
While I hold back the stars

Flashback to the magic 
To our secret love affair
To the first time we met in September air
on top of the Aurora 
beneath a thousand stars 
we slow danced bathed in Saturn Light 
For the last time 


Feet off the ground 
heart drumming loud 
We’ll make it out of this somehow
Wonderstruck, and panic much
but listen to these coral lips, hear me out 

Let’s Hold Back the Stars 
home can’t be that far 
see those fireworks tearing through the clouds
So when the galaxy paints 
A sky of purple blue and pink 
Thats when we’ve made it back to the ground 
No longer crying, but safe and sound 
Because we held back the stars

You can listen to the song in full above.
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Hold Back the Stars is available now in more than twenty languages